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    March 30, 2017 at 6:08 pm #721

    Hey there!

    Firstly, thanks for the awesome map. We love it!

    Everything works perfectly. When we enter the address it automatically snaps to the address on the map.

    The only problem I’ve noticed, is that sometimes I get the zero-results pop up that others have gotten. I’ve noticed this only happens if:
    1. the map pin is moved to a different place (even slightly), after entering the address
    2. the zip code doesn’t match the address

    Luckily, it doesnt seem to affect the map being sent to email correctly. However, the pop up is annoying. Is there a way to prevent it from popping up entirely?

    I have geolocation disabled, as we don’t need it. All I need the map for is the ability for people to enter an address, and then move the pin to be more specific. For example, they want to enter “the park behind this house”… by entering the house address, and then specifying by moving the pin a bit, to the park behind the house.

    If you could take a look, I would appreciate it.

    1. enter random number/text in 4 boxes
    2. add to cart
    3. proceed to checkout
    4. scroll down to map

    you may need to enter random information to get the form to send. The “zero_reults” pop up usually pops up after you submit the final form, and the confirmation page shows.

    To test, make sure to enter a real address, and then move the pin slightly to a different location (even by 100 meters or so).

    Thanks so much for your time, I really want this to work out

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