Customized checkout fields with map refresh

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    March 8, 2017 at 5:04 am #694

    Hello there,

    i bought your plugin from the envato market. It is an awesome plugin and i cant thank you enough for this development.
    The plugin works but only with the woocommerce default checkout fields. As soon as i customize the checkout fields or their placeholders which i want to be shown to my clients, the map doesn’t refresh. Also if i change the default order of the checkout fields the map stops refreshing if i change the address.

    Furthermore, if i deactivate the secondary address field which i don’t need, or the company field etc. the map doesn’t refresh. It seems only to be working with the woocommerce default order of checkout fields and only if they all present on the page without hiding any of them.

    I also tried the geolocation feature which is nice but as i place the picker somewhere else it doesn’t refresh the address field. The geolocation is not so important for me. More important for me is to have the fields i want to be shown in the order i want them to be shown with a working map.
    Last but not least it would be nice to have the default map centered in the city which our restaurants are located, which is Thessaloniki. If this is do able this would be awesome as well.
    For your reply and your guidance since i am new to all this, thank you very much in advance.

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